Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Canoe Trip

Well, it was Saturday afternoon here at Camp Cherokee and the big question was; what am I going to do on this beautiful Sabbath afternoon? I could go hiking, on a boat ride, take a nap, or go on a canoe trip. I decided it might be fun to go on a canoe trip since that is something I don't do often. How nice it would be to enjoy the afternoon on the lake for about an hour or two, but I was wrong... the canoe trip turned out to be four and half hours long. After about two hours of the canoe trip we arrive to a area just for canoes and kayaks and we looked around at different plants and fish and enjoyed God's nature. After we canoed around there for about thirty minutes we turned around to start heading back to camp however, at this point I was done, I hurt all over and I know I started complaining more than I should of been and was trying so hard not to. At about hour three, I did not think I could make it back to camp. I stopped paddling for a little and I looked up to the sky and just prayed to God, "Dear Lord, I am tired and hurting and I don't think I can make it, please give me the strength I need to get back to camp. I am weak dear Lord, but Thou art Strong. Amen. After I finished my prayer I began paddling again and I started singing songs from "I Like Bananas" to "I come to the Garden Alone." I just sang for the next hour and a half until I made it back to Camp Cherokee. By the grace of God I made it back to camp. Yes, I was sore for the next couple of days, but the canoe trip was something I will never forget. God's strength is great and He is always there for us when we need Him most.