Sunday, October 31, 2010


Roaches... In the bathroom

Before you go to any place they tell you about the bugs and spiders and different things like that. I even knew there would be roaches and I was told that these roaches fly. But it never crossed my mind till I experienced these massive (and yes they are massive roaches). My first encounter with the roach was in September. It was late at night and I got up to use the bathroom. I turned on the light and did and check. I found one roach on the floor. Another SM, Sarah, killed the roach. So I thought I was all good. But no the experience does not end there. So I picked up the toilet paper roll and a massive roach came flying out at me. At this point I am now screaming and it is about midnight. Sarah again comes running out of her room and I come screaming out of the bathroom. Cause of this roach that came flying at me. And my friends the first roach that crossed my path. It was quite the experience.

Roaches... In the classroom

One Friday in October, like all Fridays I was reading my 4th graders a story. So, I was reading the story and I looked up and saw that three or four students had their hands raised. Which was really strange for story time. Kind of confused not sure who to call on first, one of my students blurted out Ms. Meggan there is a roach next to you. I looked to my right and sure enough there was a roach sitting right next to me. Come to find out I was sitting on his antenna. Quickly I got up and asked one of my 4th graders, Edson, to remove the roach. Well, he came got the roach but did not have a good grip on the roach and the roach came flying towards me. I think that was the the girlist high pitched scream ever to come out of my mouth. Finally the roach was removed from my classroom. My 4th graders had a good laugh over my fear of the roach. I now believe that the roach just wanted to hear the story too.

I believe encounter the roaches will make me stronger some way some how. I have not been brave enough to kill a roach myself yet, but I will kill one before I leave here and yes you will hear about the first roach I kill. I might even try and get a picture of one to share. I just have to remember when it comes to roaches what my mom always taught me... what does not kill you, makes you stronger.