Friday, December 3, 2010

Shaky Legs

So awhile ago, some other SM's and I went to a waterfall. To get to the waterfall you have to climb down to a river and than you have to cross the river. After you cross the river, there is a steep slope you go down and at last you make it to view a beautiful waterfall. Really easy to get to and a beautiful scenery. However, what we learned afterward is you are not to go to the waterfall while it is raining, because the current or the water flow is stronger. Well, it just so happened we went to the waterfall, while it was raining. But that certain day, I was particularly shaky. I stood and watched my legs shake. I was to far in to turn back and I really wanted to see the fall so I kept going. I was taking my time which was fine, but than it was time to cross the river. I current was strong and the water was high. After thinking I should turn around and friend offered to help me over. First, I said no I was fine, but I kept him close just is case, because I was so shaky, I thought I was going to fall over. So, he was there just in case, something to grab on to in case I fall. After a long while, I made it across the river a little wetter then I had started my journey, but I was across. Now it was time for the steep slope. It was straight down. Again a friend offered to help me down, but again I was to stubborn to accept. Half way down the slope, my shaky legs gave out and I ended up sliding the rest of the way down. This friend, held out his hand and helped me back up. Nicely he didn't say should of let me help you or anything like that. He asked if I was okay and than asked if he could help me now. So, with extra help I made it to see the waterfall and back up again. Not exactly sure why my legs, arms, and hands were shaky that day, but the experience was worth it. After this I was thinking and how often this becomes my relationship with God. My walk with God becomes shaky and I feel like I can't go on. But I keep treading on keeping God there just in case, but not really wanting Him. God says, "I am here let me help." But I am to stubborn to accept. Finally, I fall. God is there waiting, He sticks out His hand and asks, "can I help you now?" After shaking and failing I am ready to accept and continue my walk with God. With God I can see the beauty and make it back up the hill. To often this becomes my relationship with God. But what an amazing Father I serve who is always there and ready to pick me up when I fall.

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