Wednesday, January 12, 2011

She Who is Called to Teach

With it being my birthday, one of my students, Alian, gave me a birthday card and this is the poem that was inside:

She Who is Called to Teach

The epiphany of her life
came in a breathtaking flash of enlightenment.
The challenge that would be her life's work
Became perfectly clear!
She would spend her days
Teaching, nurturing, and disciplining
The young minds of future generations.
This is where her fulfillment lies.

She labors to expand their innocent worlds...
To open their minds to new possiblities.
She lives for the moments when, with wondering awe,
Her students looks into her eyes
And understanding envelops them.
Concepts, once strange and distant,
Now register at the deepest level.

In that moment, their perceptions change forever.
They realize the world is
So much bigger than they are,
And they thirst for more!
- Suzy Toronto

To anyone who has ever taught before this poem is for you. After teaching for 6 months, I already understand and agree with this 100%. I love my students! They are the best kids!

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